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Christie Spyder X20 training

The Christie Spyder X20 is a one-box video processor set up for large-scale projection. It’s capable of working with 20 million pixels at rates of up to 120Hz – and that’s 3d speeds. With a standard 1080p HD screen comprising just over 2 million pixels, this box of tricks is for shows that require more than just a few Powerpoint slides.

As with most powerful tools, there’s an unavoidable level of complexity. To work around this, I recently spent a couple of days at Christie’s EMEA headquarters learning my way round the system.

Processing takes place in a 4U 19″ rackmount server, with either 8 or 16 inputs and 8 outputs. This is controlled using the Vista Advanced software running on a PC and connected to the server via Ethernet.

One advantage of this two-box approach is that it’s possible to configure and program a show offline on a standard PC. Once on-site, the server (called a ‘frame’ in Christie-speak) can be connected and the input sources and output devices tested.

All the pre-programmed layers, borders, shadows and animations are then uploaded to the box and you’re ready to go.

Many thanks to Kate Eve @ Central Presentations for helping to arrange the training.