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Wychwood festival

A couple of years ago I was arranging all the stage lighting for Wychwood festival – this year I’m on the main stage running the monitor desk.

Wychwood festival (located at Cheltenham racecourse) had a distinct alternative/folk theme about it this year – and this means lots of performers on stage, and lots on monitor mixes. We’ve moved on a long way from three mixes across the front and a drum fill, and are now providing up to 11 stage mixes, side fills, wireless and wired in-ear-monitors and click tracks.

All this is controlled by a Yamaha M7CL – in fact I was running a brand new desk, along with some brand new EAW MicroWedge 15 monitors.

Several acts came with their own monitor engineers and show files, making it very easy to get complex mixes on-stage as quickly as possible. We also provided an PM5D for James, as the 16 outputs of the M7CL where not sufficient for their set-up.

Front to house was covered with an M7CL and a Soundcraft MH3. PA was 9x EAW KF740 per side with 6x EAW SB1002 subs per side. Power was provided by Lab Gruppen amps.

Main stage was Wango’s saddle-span roof – a big purple affair that managed to keep the rain and wind off us all weekend.