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DiVentix II for Dell printers

Dell have re-vamped their line of printers and it’s time to show them off to the sales force.

This was done at a two-day conference @ Millbank, London. Working this venue can be difficult as the load in is hard and there’s nowhere to store cases, but it’s centrally located and the view from the top floor is stunning.

The show was projected using the in-house Christie projector firing 1080p onto the cinema screen.

Video control was provided by a spanking new Analog Way DiVentix II – capable of 4 layers and presets, courtesy of Integrated AV. This included an animated background, static backgrounds, live camera pips and on-screen presentations.

This was my first time using the DiVentix II (I’ve used the original model I for some time now) and I was impressed with it’s capabilities. It fills the gap between straight video switching and a full-blown Spyder solution well.